The new american dream – Day 1

“It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

As the daunting tasks of life pile up high like the mountain of clothes in my hamper, so my need to do something about it is becoming more and more apparent. At twenty three years old, I am stuck in most American’s position; My job pays my bills (of that which I am fortunate and glad), I hate my job, I would love to work from home while sipping the hot water saturated in roasted brown beans and most of all – I am in debt.

To you, this situation may be ideal, however, when you really think about it, if you had the time to zip through some random, dissatisfied, young man’s ramblings, you are more than likely better off than most people. You would have a usable computer, internet access, maybe even transportation to visit a local coffee shop for said internet, clothes that are publicly acceptable to be experiencing such outings, the list continues. I would be in the same situation, I by no means attempt to portray my “first world problems” as being overwhelming, but rather a crucial inconvenience, like having too small of shoes, suffocating your poor little toes. Perhaps it is also like being “grounded”, only as an adult, and the other adults hold you accountable for making or not making enough money to “pay them back”. Either way, life continues rather normally, nothing life threatening like the zombie apocalypse (which I feel I’m better prepared for) or an angry mob of gophers storming my house.

After quickly understanding the lack of certainty of the outcomes at which my financial position might lead me to, I progress into the solutions for the problems, easiest of which is for someone to hand me 10,000 dollars a year to cover all my bases. When I find out that the government is not going to do that (though there is a nifty bill trying to squeeze it’s way through the House and Senate that follows such protocols), I let up on the lazy pedal and switch it into 2nd.

I turn my sights to my chum, Google, in hopes that my fun facts friend will cough out an exorbitant amount of enjoyable, easy, stay at home, work four hours a day and make over 3,000 dollars a month job. Simple right? Well, actually, it was quite simple. You see, I stumbled across hundreds of opportunities, where it was understood that if I paid a quick, easy 37 dollars, I could get in on the job of a life time, no experience required! Silly entrepreneur scammers, I do not have 37 dollars to burn. Do they not realize that my immature mind would justify such a purchase and waste time wandering about the internet looking for saps like myself? Like a dog who chases the stick the master did not throw, so I almost played the fool for the online businessperson.

So here I sit, uncertain of what to do about my job/financial future. Maybe there’s a guy selling magic beans on the corner; I *do* have our last milk goat I could barter…

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