My Check list – week 3

“Only put off tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” – Pablo Picasso

Ok! Welcome! I, indeed, live!

Though its been a difficult start, I have managed to do more than I would have done if I had never made the list. So that’s something I guess (I think that phrase might be a meme).

Ok so first order of business – cooking! I finally sat my extroverted self down to gather supplies, prepare the meal and finally, cook it. Was it anything spectacular? No. Was it something delicious? You bet your sweet hiney it was. I made…

dun daaa


With steamed broccoli! Grilled onions, red bell peppers, water chestnuts, baby corn, sliced carrots, and chicken marinated in a red wine sauce with garlic, I give you…food envy.

I have indeed made this on a regular basis with mi madre at the family’s house when I lived there, but it was always a pre-packaged meal with everything basically prepared before hand. This time…*I* went and bought all the ingredients (and a Totinos pizza because I will get hungry at a later date).

If any ladies read this, know this – do not, do not ever, unless I have a detailed list, send me grocery shopping. Even then (!) there needs to be an hour grace period for me. I’m pretty sure I went back to the produce section 4 times for different things (and I still forgot mushrooms and sugar snap peas!).

My ADD usually kicks in after I grab the first item, I then spend the next ten minutes people watching, drifting my cart around aisles, and looking at items I do not even want. By then, I’m halfway around the store, away from ANYTHING I could possible need and must traverse through the professional shoppers on a mission back to an item from a list I came up with on the way to HEB. (HEB’s are Texas only, they are the super power of super markets here. You may have ‘Krogers’, ‘King Supers’, or ‘Piggly-wiggly’ and even that last one might be true to Texans only.)

Close to an hour and a half later, my meal is almost done. If it were not for the classical music I had playing in my kitchen, I am pretty sure I would have pulled my hair out. Being a bachelor for several years will take it’s toll, and it is my personal opinion that the invention of the microwave ruined my chances at maintaining a legitimate cooking atmosphere. -_-

But, the food making process, was all worth it. Of course creating the perfect lighting and the stage for my meal, plus arranging it like it was when I snapped my shot left me a little warmer than luke warm food, but I have proof! So my cooking trek has begun.

In other news I have as well learned a new word in the third week of January. Ready?

Octogenarian” -‘A person who is 80-89 years of age.’

“Octogenarian” is derived from the Latin roots “Octo” (meaning Eight), “Octogeni” (meaning Of Eighty).

There, a quick vocabulary lesson with a ranting and raving anecdote about simple food.

I also spent a good three hours last week cleaning my grandmas carpets, kitchen and floors. I also pruned all of her plants in the backyard. The front yard is next weeks mission.

I look at this list and smile. I’m on my way.



About el ruiz

A slightly fashion-less, somewhat artistic extrovert who loves Jesus and writing about stuff. Must require coffee to function, and may or may not be a snob about his preferred coffee. Welcomes new friends and loves simple anecdotes of others lives.
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