“Do not look back, you are not going that way.” – Author unknown.

Huzzah! I believe I have finally stumbled upon (through much brainstorming in this ENFJ/ENFP mind of mine) a theme that can keep my busy fingers typing this year! May I present to you…

*Trumpet blasts*

A list of super awesome, note worthy, fun finding, adventurous, all encompassing to-do list of 2014! (haaahh, wooo, yeeaaah!)

Personally, this list is personal. (duh). Yes, I may be typing (or keyboarding, as is the PC word. Shoot me, please) about my accomplishments and crossing off sections of this list throughout the year for, hopefully, the viewings of interested individuals, BUT I mostly will be completing this list for my own self-fulfilment.

-Eat lunch with a complete stranger.
-Have my poetry published.
-Get a house.
-Put wood floors in said house.
-Fly in a hot air balloon.
-Learn Spanish.
-Learn the Periodic table of Elements.
-Have a romantic candle lit dinner with someone I deeply care for.
-Every Monday morning, look myself in the mirror and say these words – “Time for some thrilling heroics.”
-Find out more about my family lineage.
-Start an overseas project to help those less fortunate.
-Climb a 14’r with my father.
-Write a letter to someone at least twice a month
-Begin lessons in playing the Cello.
-Purchase a 2,000$ suit.
-Fly a kite by myself (I’m an extrovert).
-Do a “Daniel fast” for 21 days.
-Hit a bulls-eye in Archery.
-Go 48 hours without sleep.
-Get back into School.
-Learn a new Vocabulary word every week.
-Spend one night a week preparing a fantastic meal just for myself.
-Read the book of Titus every week for this year.

That’s more or less the things I’d like to accomplish this year. Knowing I might not complete them all, I would be happy even doing some. If you set the bar high, and spend most of your time trying to reach it, you are completing more than those who do not set one at all.

I am excited for this new year. I cannot wait to begin scratching off things on this list.


About el ruiz

A slightly fashion-less, somewhat artistic extrovert who loves Jesus and writing about stuff. Must require coffee to function, and may or may not be a snob about his preferred coffee. Welcomes new friends and loves simple anecdotes of others lives.
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