The new American Dream – Part waayyy later

“Do not pray for an easy life. Instead, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” – Bruce Lee

Wow. Hello. Greetings. So many ways to greet an invisible crowd who never batted an eye at my sudden entrance to the blogging world and just as soon fled it. Blogging has been fun in the past, like journalling, only your terrible, monkey foot hand writing doesn’t have to ruin a perfectly useful 11×17 inch piece of parchment.

I was told, years past, that when blogging, having a theme was a way to inspire people to place your humble domain in their bookmarked address bars. And it’s true! The only bloggers I ever followed (other than my personal friends) had very focused themes. Hopelessly single, TheGreatBurgerCrusade, travel pics, were all themes of bloggers I followed. So I thought – “if I want to document my days AND capture my community, I need entries to follow. Something that will warrant that feeling of ‘i can’t wait till the next chapter’ amongst my peers.” And what did I come up with? Something not only very real in my life, but very authentic in many groups of individuals – Dead end jobs. Hating your work. The inability to leave a foot print of pride on the world around us, other than the mud and dog crap on my shoes after a day working at my last job.

The first two entries went off without a hitch! Finding inspiration in my own misery, torment and struggles I successfully “blogged”!

If you could not tell, I giddily jumped. It was pretty classic. I even lifted one leg at the joint of the knee. Picture perfect if you ask me.

aaannddd we’re back. After those entries I spent time off the net to devote to family and frantically scrounging for last minute present ideas for said family. If you look, my last entry was during the Christmas season. I think if I remember last year correctly, I did push a young woman out of the way (into a rack of clothes if I’m not mistaken) to grab the last lego star wars X-wing set on the shelf for my little cousin. It was like a movie. I even ran in slow motion all the way there, which did make pushing the girl out of the way more awkward; my daring escape from her rage meandered around her for about thirty seconds while I made my way (epicly slowly) to the Lego set.

In conclusion to that thought, I took a sabbatical from blogging, and in early January I was offered a job of my dreams. A man who went to school, got his degree in a specific study, one of which he loves, yet working lawns for the past three years can take it out of anyone. Thats why when my friend John called me and said a former member of our church was looking for a photographer for his business – Architectural Photography, I did everything within my tiny Puerto Rican power to make this job mine. I think my exact words were something eloquent and well thought out like – “I am so happy I could poo.” I don’t remember, something professional like that.

John gave me his number and the rest is history really. I was a man who found his dream job, and had absolutely no more inspiration for my very well thought out and perfectly themed blog. It would be like Pinky and Brain deciding to spend their nights volunteering at Haven for Hope. Or finding Bill Nye behind a Starbucks counter asking you if you want room for cream. My blog, my life’s work (if you equate life to this blog. Nigel’s Blog = life. That’s how to write out that equation) had become…pointless.

Daunting as it was finding true satisfaction in your job and being very well paid (hard, I know) I have found I miss writing. So from hence forth, there shall be a new theme!

When I can think of something I’ll let you know. Peace, love and happiness. <><

Maybe *I* should do a forever single blog?


About el ruiz

A slightly fashion-less, somewhat artistic extrovert who loves Jesus and writing about stuff. Must require coffee to function, and may or may not be a snob about his preferred coffee. Welcomes new friends and loves simple anecdotes of others lives.
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